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MSMEs form a great part of India’s GDP growth and have a direct impact on the economy of the country, however unavailability of timely access to credit is one of the biggest problems facing the MSME segment at present.

As MSME sector is majorly unorganized, the limitations of massive documentation, absence of collateral, and lack of trust in loan repayment capabilities prohibits mainstream banks from offering credit to the small and medium enterprises. This is where NBFCs like SAVE Financial Services play a huge role. SAVE’s parent company has vast rural network of Customer Service Points spread across the country which helps penetrate the rural customers who are unreached by banks and bigger NBFCs for financial assistance. Over 65 % of our CSPs are based in rural India which has helped us reach the most remote pockets of the country to provide credit access.

We bring direct access to credit at the door steps while ensuring that the entrepreneur’s specific needs are met with minimal need for documentation and utmost transparency.

SAVE’s Role

Encouraging Entrepreneurship

SAVE Financial Services has helped over 5000 customers in the last 5 years to build and scale their enterprises with the help of secured and unsecured loans. By conducting need based surveys, while understanding the specific requirements of each enterprise, SAVE has catered to the entrepreneurial dreams of customers residing in the states of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Haryana, Uttarakhand, Jharkhand and Rajasthan.

Credit Access

We offer financial solutions for any and every requirement that can ensure the smooth functioning of a small business. SAVE has been providing loans for managing working capital, inventory, capital expenditure, debt consolidation, property purchase, construction, agricultural equipment purchase, renovation, business expansion, machinery purchase, business equipment purchase, office expansion, dairy business development and raw material/ stock purchase and management. Easy and timely availability of customized, need based funding solutions for the SME segment has helped continue the journey of a large number of businesses.

Livelihood Generation

One enterprise is not just the dream of one individual, it is a means and end to a large number of youth, for finding employment within these enterprises. Every enterprise gives a source of livelihood not only to its owner but to all its worker. The timely financial solutions offered by SAVE have ensured that Business Owners as well as the staff of thousands of businesses have a continued and sustainable source of income. The provision of source of livelihood is not limited to the businesses, but by expanding our operations in over 24 branches across India, SAVE Financial Services is committed to resolving the issue of regular income generation, be it through its products or its job vacancies.

Support to Manufacturing, Trading, and Service Sector Activities

A large number of manufacturing and service sector industries fall within the purview of MSME businesses. As new bigger corporations are coming in the mainstream often such small enterprises find it hard to survive. However, SAVE makes special efforts in providing support to skill-based industries that offer a chance for their development and further help enhance skill based occupations in the country. Enterprises supported by SAVE include leather goods industry, manufacturing steel made goods, beauty parlor services, handicrafts, manufacturing furniture and wood products, tailoring units , poultry farming , bicycle parts sales and service , photo labs, repairs of agricultural machinery, rubber products, laundry service, sales of auto parts components, sales of ceramics and glass products, electronic component products, and retail and wholesale business.

Boosting Government Initiatives

Government initiatives like Make in India aims to provide financial assistance, technology upgradation, and infrastructure development, among other benefits, which help MSMEs to enhance their production capabilities and compete in the global market. These schemes also encourage entrepreneurship, innovation, and skill development. SAVE Financial Services plays a major role as an enabler for such schemes through its financial solutions.