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Our Product & Services

Loan Against Property

Our Loan Against Property are collateral based loans, where you can place your existing property as mortgage and take financial assistance for various needs such as working capital, purchase of agricultural equipment, raw material / machinery purchase, home construction, capital expenditure, debt consolidation property purchase, renovation and so on.

Loan Amount: Upto Rs. 30 Lacs  |   Tenure: 36 months - 120 months

Loan Against Plot

Our Loan against Plot allows you to mortgage your vacant plots to support you through financial crisis, medical emergency, and other personal and business related needs.

Loan Amount: Upto Rs. 5 Lacs  |   Tenure: 12 months - 72 months

We speak to customers to ensure that their exclusive needs are met, through our customized loan products.

We offer solutions that are



RBI Compliant

Eligibility for Loan

Minimum Age 21+
Minimum CIBIL score 650
Property/ Plot for Mortgage
Income Documents
Clearance of Basic Underwriting Checks