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Customer Speaks

Anshul | Printing Services

Noida NCR

I print designs for clothes. Earlier when there were smaller orders, my craftsmen used to print manually. As the size of my orders increased, I started feeling the need to purchase an automatic printing machine. However, the cost of an automatic machine was much higher than my budget. I needed funds to finance my business expansion needs. During my search, I came to know about SAVE Financial Services’ Business Loans. I visited SAVE Financial’s Noida branch and post discussion, I applied for the loan. I am so happy to share that within a few days my business loan application was accepted, and I was able to purchase an automatic machine. Today I am able to print a vast variety of designs with great ease.

Ashish | Dry Cleaning Service

Nand Nagri, Jagatpuri, New Delhi

My father used to run our family business of dry cleaning. Two years back I took the responsibility of taking care of business and decided that I wanted to take it to a larger scale. For this we first needed to establish our business in the main market, and we also needed to purchase some machinery. Both these tasks required a good amount of capital. I enquired about taking a loan from various sources, but was unable to avail a loan from anywhere. One day SAVE Financial Services’ employee Mr. Yogesh visited my shop and told me about the business loans offered by SAVE. I felt like it was a dream come true. I instantly agreed to avail the loan and submitted the necessary documents to him along with the loan application. Soon my business loan application was approved and the money was directly transferred to my account. I am grateful to SAVE Financial Services, who came to my aid, in my time of need.

Durjodhan | Flex Printing


In order to grow my business, I created an expansion strategy. All things were in place, but I needed to make arrangements for funds. I shared my problem with a fellow businessman friend. He suggested that I could avail a business loan from SAVE Financial Services and gave me the contact details of one of its branch employees. I spoke to SAVE’s official and invited him to my factory. He asked me to apply for a business loan. Once I applied for the loan, soon my application was accepted and I easily received the loan amount in my account. I am thankful that SAVE Financial Services provided me, timely financial support.

Rajkumar | Tools Manufacturer


Earlier I used to make products through manual machines which took a lot of time and I was not even able to make the right type of product. I had been planning to purchase automatic machines since a long time, but I was not being able to plan it due lack of sufficient funds. I had an old acquaintance with Mr Pawan from SAVE Financial Services so I spoke to him about my problem. He told me about the company’s business loan. Then I applied for the loan and submitted all the necessary documents which were very minimal. The loan from SAVE helped me buy an automatic machine so now I have been able to increase by production greatly.

Shishupal Yadav | Garment Business


In our business, fashion keeps changing very frequently and newer designs keep coming in the market. To purchase new stock for my shop often large amounts of funds are required. But, since the last 3 months I had been unable to sell my old stock which is why my money had been stuck and I had been unable to purchase new stock. I had to ensure that I fulfilled the customers’ demands by bringing in new stock. To make arrangements for the funds I met a fellow businessman friend, and he told me about SAVE Financial Services. I immediately applied for a business loan from SAVE. I am so happy to share that I got my loan amount in very short time span and the processes were extremely simple and easy. This has helped me purchase the new stock for my shop.