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Save Financial Services Pvt. Ltd

Save Finance caters to the finance needs of small businesses in the MSME sector. Our products, processes and people are all focused on creating the highest value for the customer.

why People Choose our Company

The Company has 5 secured loan products for its customers, the loan amount and tenure vary based on the loan usage. In addition to serving customers, the Company also provides loans to its employees for multiple reasons


We have experienced and qualified people who focused for not to develop business but trust also by helping you in advice.


Clients do feel pleased due to less and digital paperwork because time taking formalities are not in our process.


No external fee or money is required to avail loans

Our Product & Services

MSME (Loan Against Property)

Loan Amount: Rs. 2 Lac to Rs. 30 Lacs

Raising money for your financial needs such as Working capital, Capital Expenditure,Debt Consolidation, Agriculture, Construction, Property Purchase, Renovation,and so on, becomes easy with SAVE’s Loan Against Property. Commercial, Residential,and Industrial Properties can be kept as mortgage to avail the loans

Tenure:- 36 months-120 months

MSME (Loan Against Plot)

Loan Amount: Rs. 1 Lac to 5 Lacs

Your financial needs can be taken care of with the help of SAVE’s Loan Against Plot / Land If you have a vacant plot that can be kept as mortgage, you can easily avail SAVE’s Loan Against Plot/Land.

Tenure:-12 months - 72 months

Business Loan

Loan Amount: Rs. 75,000 to Rs. 3 Lacs

Content: SAVE’s Business Loan offers financial support for expansion or sustenance, of your Business.These Loans can be used to support businesses such as Dairy, Agriculture, Furniture,Garment and so on.

Tenure:12 months- 48 months


Company culture includes a variety of elements, including work environment, ethics, mission, value, and goals. Company culture is important to employees because employees are more likely to enjoy their time in the workplace when they fit in with the company culture and we give our 100% and make sure that we build around a beautiful culture. “People” are an integral part of the business. Their happiness is of prime importance. Our policies and practices are structured to foster an open culture.

SAVE’s Company Culture Values

  • Priority: Employees First, Customer Always.
  • Work Life Balance.
  • Opportunities for Professional Growth.
  • Office: A Home Away from Home.
  • Learning Opportunities for Talent.


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What Our Customers Say

Paramshila Devi is a resident of Mehnar block of Vaishali, Bihar. She belonged to a poor family as her husband was a mechanic who could barely earn Rs 200-250 per day, which seemed insufficient for taking care of their family with 3 kids.

Paramshila Devi

Mr Binay Kumar is a resident of Motihari, Bihar and had a small Spices Masala shop in the nearby area. Seeing the huge market demand and scope for business, he wanted to gain from the opportunity by business expansion.

Binay Kumar

Mr Porkhit Rabhawas is a resident of West Garo Hills, Meghalaya. “Earlier, I used to work as a daily wage labourer with a private construction company in Guwahati. Even after doing hard work of 10-12 hours a day, I was unable to save much for the future

Porkhit Rabhawas

Mr Shiv Shankar Pandit, the owner of Shree Vishnu Vastralaya started his journey with a small clothing shop in but he always aspired to expand and grow his business of textile trading.

Shiv Shankar Pandit

Mr Shiv Shankar Pandit, the owner of Shree Vishnu Vastralaya started his journey with a small clothing shop in but he always aspired to expand and grow his business of textile trading.

Renu Devi

I am Anita Devi, a resident of Saraiya village of Muzaffarpur, Bihar. Like most of the Indian rural families, we had a small piece of land and cultivation was the only stable source of income

Anita Devi

We Provide Financial Services

SAVE provides micro credit to women entrepreneurs for income generating activities through Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME) loans against collaterals for those with informal sources of income.

Challenges faced by Micro, Small & Medium Enterprise Sector

1. Absence of adequate and timely supply of finance for working capital

2. Limited ability for expansion and modernization

3. High cost of credit & collateral requirement

4. Lack of proper transportation and warehousing

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Available Opportunities

1. Less capital intensive

2. It generates employment at every level

3. Effective tool for promotion of balanced regional development

4. Providing alternate income sources for rural households by promoting women-led microenterprises

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Solutions offered by SAVE

1. Providing collateral free income generating loans through women led JLGs

2. Customized credit assessment and processes to meet the needs of the MSME segment against the security of property or cash flow of the customers

3. Provide debt finance products to and developing processes tailored to the MSME and consumer segment

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